It all started when…

History of Korean Americans in the San Francisco Bay Area go back more than a 100 years and have had significant impact to Korean history itself during the Japanese occupation. However, a strong community bond dissipated over time as Koreans dispersed all over the Bay Area and even migrated eastward all over the US. It was only when the LA Riots broke out in 1992 that Korean Americans in the Bay Area felt the need to regroup to protect and represent ourselves. Regular professionals gathered and hand-wrote letters to all Korean Americans they knew to gather at a certain place at a certain time. On that day, they formed an organization, and, coming from all kinds of backgrounds and professions, they called it the Korean American Professional Society. Since then, for over 25 years, KAPS has established itself in the Bay Area and keeps Korean Americans connected. While there are many Korean groups in the Bay Area, KAPS remains general and open to anyone from any background and works with many other specialized Korean/Korean-American Community Organizations as well as the San Francisco Korean Consulate for the following 3 missions:

  • Community Service

  • Political Empowerment

  • Networking